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no nonsense business continuity for busy continuity planners by charley newnham

You can get it in paperback or for your Kindle.

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You asked us to turn our free course into a book, so that you could get the whole thing at once.

Never let it be said we don’t listen to you!

Our free, 5-module business continuity course is available only to our subscribers. It’s delivered, module by module, over three weeks.   Many of you email us to ask if we’ll send you the module on exercises straight away: we always decline this request because we know it’s best for beginners to work through the course module by module, and we don’t want to tempt them to make that classic mistake of skipping steps.
But some of you are more advanced, and some of you won’t be told (!).

So now you can get the whole course, in a much neater and better put-together package, in book format.

We highly recommend getting the paperback, since the ability to read content in tables on the Kindle is never great – which is why it’s substantially cheaper in Kindle format.

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