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These are our very own resources, based on a decade of experience, to make your continuity simpler.

They’re free, friendly, and tell you what’s worth doing and what’s not!  Create standard compliant business continuity plans with minimal effort, using our guidance and templates.  All you need to do is sign up for free weekly updates and we’ll enrol you for free.  You’ll receive an email every five days with the next module.
[Can't wait to get the modules by email?  You can purchase the course in book format from Amazon.  Just search for "No Nonsense Business Continuity for Busy Continuity Planners" and/or "Charley Newnham". Or click here.]
Feedback on our course includes:


Appreciated “the fact that it was designed with the format of a “BCM/DR for dummies” type of thing, so anyone, from beginners to experienced individuals in this field, would truly benefit from it.” LK – South Africa

5 stars… This resources is so refreshing and easy to use at all levels of experience.  I am going to revisit all aspects of my BC program to see what I can improve… You have covered all the basics beautifully.”   AC – India

“5 stars… We already had BCM running [but] I think I would follow this course’s way of doing things… this is the course I like best for it is very much to the point.”  Subscriber – Belgium

 ”I just wanted to drop you a line to say well done on the BC course modules.  I think they are really useful tools for businesses which they can follow in an easy to understand way.”  SL – UK

Very good as a tool for providing uncomplicated awareness training to general staff.” IB – UK

I am relatively new to Business Continuity and have been struggling through it. Your Module on BIA would have been a HUGE help to me a year ago! I am looking forward to the other modules.” PB – USA

The course modules – delivered by email – are:

  1. What is Business Continuity?  One page, one diagram, one simple explanation.
  2. The Easy Guide to Completing a Business Impact Analysis (BIA)  Straightforward guide on what to do and how to do it, with our ‘ultimate checklist’, template and fully worked example.
  3. The Easy Guide to Business Continuity Strategies  Created for people who don’t know their RTO from the MTPD, a jargon busting guide to common strategies, including buddy sites and manual workarounds.
  4. The Easy Guide to Drafting A Business Continuity Plan   Got a BIA and a strategy but don’t know how to get it all on paper?  Simple guide to BS25999-aligned planning, with tips and templates for formats.
  5. The Easy Guide to Business Continuity Exercises At last, the fun bit that let’s you get a little creative.  Step-by-step guide to creating simple business continuity exercises to achieve fantastic results.
These resources are free.  Sign up for free weekly updates with your email address.  We’ll then send you an email every week with the next “Easy Guide” until you have the whole set.

Also Useful…

There are other resources we think are worth checking out.  They aren’t ours, we aren’t affiliated with the writers, and we don’t make money from these links!  We just found them useful, so we’re providing links so you can see for yourself.  The range is diverse, and you will need to select those that are useful to you.

Note: we didn’t create these!  They’re official documents from organisations such as the British, US and Australian governments.  We’ve included those we like and hope some are useful.

They’ll take you to other sites, so be sure to come back!  Click to access:

If you have any recommendations for more resources, why not drop us an email so we can include them?

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