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Please note: from time-to-time we are asked to accept payment for embedding keyword links into our articles.  We never accept these offers, since we don’t believe that ‘hiding’ links, even for the best SEO reasons, is useful to our readers – and our readers are always our first priority.  We are happy to accept genuine articles which have links as outlined below; we also consider paid-for advertorials on a case-by-case basis: advertorials are always clearly marked as such. 

We welcome article submissions from both business continuity experts and busy people charged with business continuity.

We have house rules and a house style, so read the bullet points below and a have a look at other articles on the site before sending your article.

About Continuity In Business members:

  • Our community consists mainly of  busy people who do business continuity planning in addition to other elements of their job and business continuity professionals.

House style – our articles usually:

  • Open with a paragraph that clearly describes the subject of the article
  • Contain a body of text that includes headlines and useful links if/where appropriate
  • Include clear bullet points noting the headlines/advice for business continuity planners

Articles must be:

  • Relevant to one or both audiences
  • Useful to one or both audiences
  • Submitted in  a Word file or on a plain text email
  • Be fact checked before submission – the author will be liable for any errors/misinformation and the results of any errors/misinformation after publication
  • Free of overt or subtle pitches for business

Authors should include a byline/author note that:

  • Is no longer than three sentences
  • Includes their name
  • Includes no more than two links, one of which may be personal, e.g. Linked In profile, and one of which may lead to another website, e.g. company website

Articles must not:

  • Include graphics if the author doesn’t have a licence granting their publication on this website
  • Include untrue statements, or present opinions as facts**

Articles will usually:

  • Focus on a single subject
  • Be between 500 and 3000 words
  • Be submitted by the author of the work
  • Be completely original, or a well revised version of an article published by the submitting author elsewhere*

We reserve the right to choose whether to publish submissions.  We also reserve the right to amend articles but we won’t publish an amended article without the authors prior approval on changes.

Please email your articles to us; we will be in touch shortly if we consider the article suitable for publication.


*where an article has been published elsewhere, please add a note at the end of the article along the lines of ‘This article first appeared in [location]’ with a link to the location.

** The author is liable for any negative outcome resulting from the publication of their article  


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