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Continuity in Business was created for people who have to ‘get business continuity done’ in their organisation, but are short on expertise, time or money.

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Resources for Beginners

If you’re totally new to business continuity, here’s a suggested route to gather what you need to get started and feel productive today.


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  1. Sign up to receive free updates, and we’ll also send you our free business continuity “easy guides”.  Once a week you’ll receive an email with one of our Easy Guides until you have all five.  Find out more about them here.
  2. Check out the Business Continuity StandardsThere are a number of official standards for business continuity.  Even if you don’t want to buy them yet – and you can use all our free resources without them – it’s good to have a look at what they are!  
  3. Browse around the site.  Maybe your organisation is at high risk of flooding, you’ve been asked about cloud computing, or BS25999, or for a glossary.  Maybe somebody has asked you about a Zombie Clause?  Use the Search box (top-right on every page) to find what you need, or just have a wander via links.  
  4. If you can’t find what you need: email us  We’ll try to help. If you need it, others probably do too, and we’d like to provide it.  If you’d prefer a chat, use our contact form to ask for our London (UK) landline number and we’ll oblige.
  5. Gear up for a rehearsal.  You’ll know you’re getting somewhere when you’ve completed your first BIA, drafted your first BCP (and know what those initialsstand for!) and are ready to stage your first business continuity exercise. That’s when you graduate to the next stage!


Resources for Everyone

You’re also welcome to use our free resources!  You might also like to:


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  1. Join for regular updates.  As well as access to free downloads, you’ll get regular updates from the site and know when we add stuff.  Click HERE to join or enter your email address at the top of the screen. No spam, we’ll never sell your email address, and you you can unsubscribe any time.
  2. Make sure you have the key business continuity standards.  Right now that’s BS25999 Parts 1 and 2.  You might like to buy the American National Standard if you’re stateside (though we have thoughts on that, if you’re interested!)
  3. Join the discussion.  There’s an opportunity to post your comments beneath every article, so have your say. Include your name and web link or remain anonymous.   Share tips, links and thoughts.
  4. Try our business continuity exercises.  More are added every month.  Each comes power-point ready, looking great, with simple instructions on how to use it to deliver a great rehearsal yourself.
  5. Write for us.  Whether you’ve just been set a business continuity challenge, used one of our resources, or have something to say based on years of expertise, why not write an article for us?  You can include your name and web link or remain anonymous.  Contact us or email us directly.


Business Continuity Exercises 

We’ve been running business continuity rehearsals for a decade, and they’re the single most useful tool for getting enthusiastic engagement.  Even from the most cynical groups!

Whether you have a full set of continuity plans or you are only just about to start putting together a BIA, a rehearsal can help you by getting everyone involved and interested.

We offer pre-packaged rehearsals that you can run yourself with minimum hassle.  You download them in powerpoint and personalise the few phrases indicated to your own company.  Then read the instructions hidden in the ‘Notes’ page under each slide to run a great scenario-based exercise yourself.

We know these format work because we’ve been using them for years, and continue to use them frequently with fantastic feedback.  They’e constantly updated and overhauled to remain current, relevant and fresh.  So they always  look fantastic and will make you look great!

business continuity exercise example   example of a continuity in business scenario-based exercise

Why not have a look and see what the fuss is all about?

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