What If? Posters

Want to engage staff in business continuity efforts by capturing their imaginations in a really simple way?  Start here!

One of the comments we hear most is that it’s really hard to get make our general staff aware of their business continuity responsibilities.  ”It’s not their core job so they aren’t interested,” is a common refrain.

But it’s your job to get them interested and to keep up their engagement.  So how are you going to do it?

One tool in your kit could be our easy-to-deploy “What If?” poster campaign.

Short, punchy “what if” scenario posters work where staff have a few seconds to read them, including:

Lifts (elevators)
Loos (bathrooms)
Kitchens and coffee making areas
Office notice boards

Each of our poster series contains 6 posters.  They generally include at least one of each of the following types of scenario:

Not enough people
Loss of building access
Issue with key supplier
Compromised technology

There are delivered to you in Microsoft Powerpoint format.  That’s so you can tweak/change/personalise  anything you like to change before you deploy them.  Or you can just use them out as they are:

Don’t like the font?  Change it.
Want to tweak a detail?  Go for it.
Want to create more for your own company?  Do it.

When you’re happy with them you can:

Print them out (including A4, A4 and Letter sizes)
Save them as PDFs to limit further changes

Email them within your company

And best of all?  We keep them cheap.  Not because they aren’t valuable, but because we recognise budgets are small and you’ll be doing your own tweaks and printing.

Plus, well, we really want to get the message out that simple can work!
Each series currently only costs £4 for all 6 poster slides.
And as we take PayPal it doesn’t matter which currency you’re using.
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