2-Line Exercises

If you’ve already read our article on the two-sentence business continuity exercise you’ll know we rate it highly.

It’s a quick, simple way to engage managers, teams and individuals and encourage formal or informal business continuity plan reviews.

Used flexibly they don’t have to be confined to pure ‘business continuity time’.  With a little imaginaton you may be able to get them used in team meetings, gatherings, as an ice-breaker during organisational events or even as a team-building game.  The benefits to business continuity planning will still be realised, as long as the actions identified are recorded assigned and completed.

You’ve already seen three of our two-sentence exercises in the article but we’ll repeat them again here:


Imagine the fire alarms go off now and we all evacuated as normal, but sometime after we got outside we realised it was a real fire and it had spread to our area(s) of the building.  What would our issues be and how does our business continuity plan help us manage what happens next?


Imagine we’ve no access to the IT network for 3 days: no files, email or contact lists or anything else that’s only available via the IT network.  What would our issues be and how would our business continuity plan help us manage what happened next?


Imagine that there’s a strike by all public service workers:  schools and public transport are mostly closed, so many of our staff are unable to attend work as they need to look after dependents or can’t get to work.  What would our issues be and how would our business continuity plan help us manage what happened next?


Imagine you were a team leader a business continuity plan.  If you got an email asking if you could use a two sentence exercise to open  a 15 minute discussion/plan review in the next team meeting, could you do it?  Of course you could!  Do you think it would result in simple benefits?  Of course it would!

A good two sentence exercise should produce all the following benefits:

  • Raise awareness of business continuity
  • Raise awareness of the content of individual continuity plans
  • Encourage teams to pro-actively review their plan together
  • Facilitate discussions about how to improve a plan in light of a simple scenario
  • Highlight gaps in a plan
  • Encourage routine updates and amendments
  • Encourage actions to enhance resilience
  • Embed business continuity thinking in the culture


We think you can come up with many more of your own, in a very short space of time.  But if you haven’t got time, we’ve prepared 15 more two-sentence exercises, and they can be yours for a very small charge indeed. If you’d like to buy them now, please click on the button below.





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