Business Continuity Exercises

Continuity in Business was launched in November 2011.

We thought it was important to provide you with a free business continuity course before we created the paid-for content.  When you subscribe for free updates – using the form to the right – you will also receive our free business continuity course (Click here to learn more.)

Now we’re working on bringing you a range of business continuity exercises!

What’s Available Now?

Our exclusivetwo-sentence’ business exercises are already available.

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What’s Coming in 2012?

We’re currently busy testing and developing a range of exercises with some people.  They include BCI members, business continuity managers and SME managers who’ve been ‘landed’ with business continuity on top of their current roles.  

We’ve personally been using these rehearsals, and ones very similar, with fantastic results.  But as this is the first time we’re offering them so you can run them yourself with ease, we want to make sure they’re as useful as possible before we offer them for sale. Our aim is that..

…so easy to use that you may never bother to create your own rehearsal again!

If you want to know when these become available just subscribe using the box on the right. It’s free, we don’t spam, or sell email addresses, and you can unsubscribe any time.  Just great updates, details of free resources and new continuity exercises.

By the way…

For those of you who want something more complex, or who can’t wait, why not contact us so we can help you with bespoke exercises or help you find a local consultant or firm?

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