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Would you like a free Red Cross “Ready Rating”?

The Red Cross has long been recognised as a fantastic organisation, but now they’ve got a tool to help organisations rate their preparedness too.

The Red Cross Ready Rating Programme is primarily geared up to help businesses, schools and faith institutions ensure they’re ready to deal with crises.  It’s innovative, useful, and best of all it’s completely free.

The Red Cross is well known for it’s humanitarian work after crises.  They’ve created the Ready Rating Programme because, if businesses, schools and organisations are ready for crisis, they can also be ready to help  the communities in which they are based.

Any organisations can join for free.  They start by undertaking the online “123 Assessment”, a simple online questionnaire that offers a rating for the organisation’s level of preparedness that you can share publicly.  This is a nice feature from the well-recognised and credible Red Cross, and you won’t find many free offerings of this type!  More information about how it works is available from their website.

Registered organisations then get access to lots of resources developed by the Red Cross to increase their capabilities in the areas highlighted as needing improvement. What’s more, they offer a list of registered organisations so that those organisations can demonstrate their “committment to preparedness” to their stakeholders.

It’s not BS25999 certification, and it’s not process driven in quite the same way as formal business continuity management.  But it’s a really interesting offering from a very solid source, and could be really useful to smaller organisations who don’t really want to embark on a full programme. A high school in Missouri, USA said:

“ As a school administrator, it’s my job to make sure kids are safe during the seven hours a day they spend with us. That’s why we were among the first to join the American Red Cross Ready Rating Program. This program rates our schools on a 65-point scale of preparedness.  Thanks to this program, we now know exactly where we stand and what we need to do to improve our readiness. And the Red Cross is there to help us every step of the way.

Of course, canny organisations (or business continuity managers or consultants) might also consider that there may be no harm in getting a Red Cross Ready Rating that can be shared with stakeholders, customers and suppliers…

Have you used the Red Cross rating?  Will you get one?  Tell us about your experience using the comment box below – we’d love to know!

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