SME disasters and tips (video)

This video shows how important business continuity planning is for small and medium sized companies.  In fact, possibly much more important.

Larger companies can often absorb higher costs and more disruption than their smaller counterparts.  Smaller companies often argue that they can’t afford continuity planning efforts, or that insurance will cover their losses should an incident happen.

This video shows that the smallest companies can do something about continuity, and the lessons are offered by business owners who learned the hard way.

As the end of this video shows, it was prepared in a small area of England, by a company working there.  We’re happy to offer them a little publicity by posting their video, since we think it carries some great examples for smaller firms.


Many business continuity resources are aimed at larger companies, probably because it’s more likely that they’ll have given someone responsibility for it.  We decided it was time to start addressing that, and we’ll keep doing so over the coming months.

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