Seeking business continuity consultants!

Like Continuity In Business?  Then you’ll like our staff too.  The only problem is that there aren’t enough of us!

We’d like to be able to refer work to a very trusted consultant network.  Should you be in that network?

We will only refer business continuity work to people we trust to do an amazing job at a fair price.  So, thus far, we’ve only referred work to people we know.  But we don’t have the coverage to help everybody.

If you’d be interested in joining the network of people to whom we refer work, please get in touch.  We need your CV, a covering letter and a statement (which can be as long or as short as you like) telling us about:

  • work you’ve done in the past 3 years
  • what kind of work you’d like to take on
  • the geographic areas you cover
  • two things we really ought to know about the way you work

Please use this statement as an opportunity to help us get to know your personality.

When we know who’s interested and work out how to manage it all, we’ll be in touch.  Please be aware that, before we bring anyone into the network we’d subject you to friendly but serious telephone and skype interviews and take two verbal references from recent clients/employers.  We’re thorough because our reputation will depend on you!

Please note that our standard agreement works on the basis of 10% of the billing for your first 18 months with a referred client.

Still interested?  Email!

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