No Time nor Money for Terror Prevention

Security Failures are unavoidable.”

We don’t have the time or money to do everything that can be done to prevent terrorist attacks.

We don’t have the time or money for a new commission of enquiry every time we suffer a significant terrorist attack.

We don’t want to give terrorists status or the satisfaction of ever greater reactions to the threat of terrorism.”

So says Clark MacCauley of the the US’s National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses (know as START), the US Homeland Security’s baby that is based at the University of Maryland.

His article, which can be read in full on the START website, is the first in a series of opinion and discussion-provoking pieces by members of the START consortium.

So what’s the answer?

MacCauley says we have to develop political resilience in individuals.  We need people to understand that new terrorist offences should not always result in additional security measures.

Is this possible?

To Americans perhaps, MacCauley indicates this is a new way of thinking.  For other areas around the world, maybe this is already a partial or total way of thinking already..?

After all, Northern Ireland has been subjected to many attacks by various IRA factions as has the rest of the UK to a lesser extent.  Even in the days when the Troubles produced constant attacks, there were not calls for changes to security after every incident.

So maybe, in other places around the world, this is already a sad sort of norm?

What do you think?

MacCauley’s original piece can be viewed here.

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