Learning from Library Crises (25min training video)

We’ve all had situations that have gotten out of hand in our libraries,” says the librarian who works in library in a mental health institution.  So they created this video, called “When Bad Things Happen to Good Librarians”.

Now, while you may not think this video is immediately obviously useful  to you as a business continuity manager, we suggest you have a look with an open mind!  It’s really a very good resource for you!

A lot of the information herein , particularly the underlying principles, are surprisingly relevant to dealing with any corporate crisis.  Soft skills – or people management skills – during a serious disruption to business or a full blown disaster – are often overlooked during training.  This video not only reminds us of this, but offers very good refresher training.  We think it’s very much worth 25 minutes of your time!

Key points include:

  • understanding trigger events
  • remembering that most trigger events are things you can’t see
  • a reminder trigger events seem to come out of nowhere yet there was always an underlying cause that might have been spotted
  • understanding that escalation doesn’t always happen appropriately
  • understanding not everyone will respond as you expect
  • helping others, during a crisis, to understand their perceptions are incorrect
  • reading body language of those involved in crisis management
  • how to appear approachable during an incident
  • managing someone who’s not coping with a crisis
  • expressing empathy v sympathy
  • how to validate the concerns of others taking part in the crisis response (without necessarily agreeing with them!)
  • reading thoughts and emotions when they appear at odds with behaviour
Don’t believe us?  Judge for yourself and offer us your feedback in the comments box below!

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