Leading in a Crisis (videos)

Leading in a crisis is something people can either do or not do, right?

Some people are born leaders.  Some people are brilliant in a crisis.  Some people can do both.  Others cannot!  But there are many things we can all learn to improve our ability to lead during a crisis.

The following videos offer some case studies tips for you – or your executive team – on how to lead during a crisis.

You will find Harvard Business Review material on things as recent as the UK riots last year (which is just a few minutes long), five guiding tips from Bruce Blythe, and ‘classic’ material such as the US Federal Judicial Center’s in-house training video (in full, it’s 1hr 20mins long!).

There are some themes, of course.  They are, loosely, that leaders must:

  • Lead, so that managers can get on with managing  (and don’t get in the managers’ way!)
  • Take care of people first, whatever the cost (Think ‘Tylenol‘)
  • Identify the key individuals who can provide expertise and support required by the leader to enable them to lead and get them beside him/her as soon as possible (You aren’t good at everything and you don’t know enough.  Copy the best by surrounding yourself with the best!)
  • Make sure everyone involved in the effort hears from you first-hand, and do whatever it takes to achieve that  (If the man who had to take over FEMA during Hurricane Katrina can do it then you can do it!)

We hope you find them useful and will add your thoughts to the coments below.


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