How many BC professionals per company?

Those of us who work as in-house business continuity managers (or who have done) are often asked, “how many business continuity professionals do other companies have?”

It’s an interesting question.  It’s useful to know what other companies consider is needed to get the job done.   If you feel like you’re under-resourced then it might provide leverage for your business case for more headcount; on the other hand it could make you defensive over the headcount you already have!

BC Management has been collecting data on this since 2005 and, in January 2012, have published their 2011 results.  1,346 respondents provided the following headlines:

  • There’s an average of 11.64 full-time staff and 24.63 part time staff dedicated to the business continuity programme.
  • Business continuity programmes usually include crisis management, pandemic planning, IT disaster recovery,  and so on.
  • Organisations surveyed had between 1 and 23 business continuity-focussed professionals
  • 53% of organisations have more than one BC professional.
  • Across the organisation, between 1 and 350 people per organisation were involved with the business continuity and resilience management programme.
  • 65.13% of the USA based study respondents manage a program that is either national, multi country or global.
But, perhaps most interestingly of all, correlations were found in the data.  The number of dedicated business continuity professionals correlated with:
  • industry
  • revenue
  • total number of staff
  • distribution of company (small/local to large/global)
  • maturity of the BCM programme
This, perhaps, confirms what many of us already know by instinct: larger companies, those with higher revenues, larger numbers of staff or with geographical spread are likely to need – and, hopefully, be able to afford – more business continuity professionals on staff.
We think it would be interesting if BC Management would look at cause and effect: i.e. can they show how business continuity management significantly contributes to the ability of the company to produce those factors?  If so… well that’s a report we’d ensure was send to our managing directors and the like!
[With thanks to Cheyene Marling-Haase of BC Management for providing this data  ahead of the report.]
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