How did you get into Business Continuity?

Why did you go into business continuity?

Did you plan a career in business continuity or crisis management, or did you just wake up one day and realise it had happened?

That’s the experience of many of us, according to a discussion on LinkedIn.  What about you?

The conversation starter asked if people had ended up in their roles because they’d deliberately chosen it at the start of their career, because of the compensation, out of a motivation to help industry and others, due to career progression or whether ‘it just happened’.

With the notable exceptions of some IT professionals who found IT Disaster Recovery a natural progression (which we don’t consider to be ‘full’ Business Continuity), nearly everyone – including those of us at Continuity Towers – stumbled into it during the past decade or so.

Business Continuity has definitely emerged in its current professional state over the past decade.  It was punctuated, perhaps, by the astonishingly successful launch of BS25999, which has now morphed into a (relatively still unread, to the best of our knowledge) International Standard: ISO22301.

With education now catching up, individuals are graduating from Universities with degrees in Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Civil Emergency Planning, Resilience and the like.  We wonder how this will change the profession over time.

Why not let us know how you got into business continuity and/or what you think of the degrees available in the subject?

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