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There are great freebies magazines to be had on subscription.  And most of them have an online presence too, so you don’t need to be restricted by geography if you find one you like.

It’s just a case of finding the ones that are actually useful – as opposed to those that go straight in the bin with their inelegant plastic wrapping still on them!

Here we name a few magazines around the globe that are offered for FREE and might be useful to business continuity planners.  Some for their direct content and some because they’re useful for horizon scanning and/or providing inspiration for business continuity exercises.

If you’re not in the ‘right’ country to get the magazine in print format, have a click anyway to see if you can glean what you need by bookmarking the site online.

People who diarise a couple of hours each month to click through a list of sites that offer them the latest news in specialist and general subjects related to their business are bound to be better equipped than their colleagues.  It really is time worth finding… perhaps on the last Friday of every month between 4-5pm?!

We’ve listed them by country where there is a free printed magazine on offer in a particular region.  But all the magazines have an online presence so don’t feel restricted by geography!

Free online subscriptions (i.e. GLOBAL):

  • Disaster Recovery Journal - the quarterly magazine to have since 1987 put this one on your ‘must’ list
  • Continuity Insurance & Risk – Sometimes it’s a bit dry, but all the info is here and you can get a free online subscription.  They also run the Business Continuity Awards.
  • Corporate Risk and Insurance – the title is kind of self-explanatory – this group is based in Australia
  • Supply & Demand Chain Executive - We know you’re bored of supply chain but with articles like “5 Steps to a High Performance Chain” it’s a quick way to get the latest ideas very quickly indeed.
  • Inc. – We love this and all have it on our facebook feeds!  It’s down to earth business advice and stories (intended for entrepreneurs) provide inspiration for crisis management exercises – as well as keeping us entertained and informed!
  • Today’s Facility Manager – if you don’t know your Facility Management team well, you’re seriously compromised!  Go one better and keep up with them a bit.  Topics such as ‘dealing with disasters’ come up all the time and happens to be this week’s Question of the Week!
  • Renewable Energy World - it’s the future people – case studies and essential news on global developments in the renewables sector including geothermal, energy storage, small hydro, and hybrid systems.
  • Build – from the creators of Inc. this is billed as “ideas for leaders of mid-sized companies” and includes lots of stuff on leadership and team building – great for general ‘smarts’ around the business.


  • EE Times Europe – Good for horizon scanning. News, Analysis, Product and Design Information for Europe, Israel, Turkey and Russia
  • Continuity Insurance & Risk – Yes, we know we put this in global, but paper copies are available in the UK too!  These guys run the Business Continuity Awards.


  • Emergency Management - billed as being about “strategy and leadership in critical times” it’s actually much more tactical and of general everyday use.
  • Mission Critical - it’s written for “modern data center and emergency backup power professionals” but you want to know what the latest developments are in the area, right?!
  • Government Technology - with sections such as “emerging and sustainable technology” why wouldn’t you want to know what they have to offer in terms of information?!
  • Bank Technology News - want to keep up with the industry leading the way on counter-cyber crime?  There’s usually something to glean from this that you can use in any industry.
  • The Non-Profit Times – if you’re in this sector this is packed with what’s going on – the columnists are also really good at giving quick insights to current issues, so you can speak with authority
  • HR Executive – Your key people are critical!  Need to know the new laws about laying people off, keeping people on, ability to strike, retire early, etc?
  • Oil & Gas Financial Journal – what, your company doesn’t use energy?  This one is specialist, but it’s worth being able to speak on these subjects if you regularly meet the board!
And if you thought our job was easy, we wanted to let you know we waded through hundreds of free mags to bring you this little piece!  And as light relief, we’d like to share some of those that didn’t make the list above… just for fun these are very real and you may subscribe if you like!
If you have more resources to add, please include them in the comments section.



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