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How do you communicate with staff during an incident?

Many staff have now access the internet on their mobile phones; many organisations use a webpage to communicate key information to employees, en mass, during an incident.

These webpages sit on the organisation’s site.  They’re publicly accessible, though it’s generally only advertised internally to staff.

Examples of staff emergency pages that you can see for yourself include:

Of course,  a webpage can never be a complete solution.  Not everyone has the internet available to them, particularly while they are on the move.  And staff would need to know there was an incident before they knew to check the webpage, since they’re highly unlikely to ‘just check’ unless major incidents are a regular occurrence in their organisation!

A webpage is just one option that could be included in an organisation’s communication arsenal.  It’s particularly useful for ensuring staff receive correct and uniform information, rather than rely on the rumour mill.

Considerations for such a page are much the same as a phone service providing recorded information.  These might include:

  • Who would be trained to update the page?
  • Are these people good at translating lots of information into a succinct message?
    Do these people have the authority to issue instructions, or will they need to be signed off?
  • Will these people need to be on call to respond any time of the day or night?
  • Do these people require extra remuneration or recognition if they are to be on call?
  • Can the website be updated remotely and securely?
  • Are pre-prepared messages to cover a variety of scenarios available?
  • What’s the process to activate the emergency page?
  • What’s the process for updating the emergency page?
  • Who’s authorised to provide information/instructions that will be used on the site?

Do you have a staff emergency page you’re happy to share?  If so, please do so in the comments area below.

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