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Think we’ve gone mad with our picture of tampons on a business continuity website?! They’re included in a seriously useful list of business crisis management tools that fit in your pocket – admittedly not at the very top of the list – because they are “sterile and super-absorbent for dressing wounds, light easily for fire tinder if necessary, and can filter muddy water“.

In May 2012, crisis managers were asked to list items that they couldn’t live without during a major incident – that also fit in their pockets.

The conversation was started on Linked In by Robert Burton at Blue Water Partners and quickly gained many replies.  They range from the obvious to the more obscure. Here we share those items and ask you to add to the list!

Of course, the idea of an emergency stash of items is nothing new.  Most organisations have ‘grab bags’ or ‘battle boxes’ that can be easily picked up and removed from the building by individuals or teams (if required).  Grab bags usually contain copies of business continuity plans, incident management guides and basic resources such as pens, paper, checklists and so on.

But in this conversation, crisis managers were asked to note only pocket-sized items.  Here is a summary of them (click on them for examples):

Obviously some of these are more critical than others, and some are geographically more useful than others.
But we’re intrigued by the list and would love to hear if you have any more items to add.  Use the comments area below if you do!
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