Climate change – it is your job!

Tempted to skip this article because you’re not interested in climate change?

If so, you’re joining a large club.  But as a business continuity planner, you could potentially be accused of gross neglect.

So we’re providing you with a decision tree – at the end of this article – so you can decide if the issue is something you need to consider more seriously.

Large organisations are becoming pro-active .  If you’re not, your organisation could be left behind.  All of the following, for example, have appointed Directors of or Heads of Climate Change:

So why are many of us refusing to consider the issue?
Some don’t have enough information to understand the issues and measures that may need to be implemented. Some  don’t believe the climate is changing, despite heavy evidence to the contrary.  Some don’t consider it part of their role since the time expected to pass between now and the impact of change is likely to exceed their tenure, potentially by several decades.
But, should one learn that change is going to have an impact (and the evidence suggests that it will) then we may need those decades to successfully transition the organisations that plan to survive.
In organisational terms, the following factors may influence whether climate change is considered in current times:
  • The organisation’s understanding of the potential impact
  • The appetite to deal with very long term risk
  • The expected tenure of the current management
  • The industry in which the organisation operates
  • The demand of the organisation’s customers

Those who want to find out more  may find the following an easy introduction:

So… what should we, as business continuity planners, DO? author Charley Newnham was asked this question while studying for a MSc degree in Resilience at Cranfield University.  Her highly graded answer included this decision tree for those suffering just such a dilemma, and she’s allowed us reproduce it here (click to see and download a full-size PDF version).

climate change for business continuity planners

So… what are you doing about climate change?  Is it your job?  Do you ‘not believe’ in climate change? Is it not a continuity issue?  Feel free to voice your opinion and start a debate below!

p.s. Readers in the UK may also find a segment of a recent BBC Countryfile programme on the subject interesting: please not this link will break when the programme is removed from the BBC i-player service.


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