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Charities Learn BC From Olympics

Charities have learned about business continuity from the London 2012 Olympic Games, says Miles Maier in The Guardian.

Before the Games, London businesses and commuters were told to make contingency plans and arrange to work from home where possible, because London was expected to be congested with millions of extra people.  By the end of the first week, London business owners were crying out at the lack of custom and pictures of usually bustling areas of the city resembled ghost towns.  Were the predictions wrong or was business simply a victim of the over-success of the awareness campaign against congestion?

Whatever the case, Maier suggests that many charities made the most of the opportunity to create their first business continuity and IT disaster recovery plans. His two key notes are:

1. Charities can organise remote working too.  Some charities have previously felt that they shouldn’t spend money on setting up people to work from home or other locations.  As well as offering flexibility and the increased potential to recruit and retain high quality staff, the charity gains business continuity benefits.

2. Business continuity planning is essential.  More than half of London-based charities didn’t have a business continuity plan before the Games. Charities are particularly dependent on their databases and accounting systems to ensure money continues to be raised.  Given that 90% of organisations that lose their data shut down within 2 years, many charities were prompted to create their first continuity plans.

You can read the full article here.

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