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Book of the Month: High Commitment

High Commitment High Performance: How to Build A Resilient Organization for Sustained Advantage: Building Organizational Capability for Sustained Advantage.  It’s a mouthful but it genuinely describes the contents.

Beer’s contention is that organisations that invest in getting high committment from their employees at all levels will, with some effort and as a byproduct, leverage high performance from them.  Done well, this can result in a highly competitive, highly reliable organisation.  The examples in the book show that Beer’s theory is well backed up in practice.

How is this useful to the business continuity planner?

While the book is written for everyone, it’s clear that such a scheme would need to be dictated from the very top of the organisation.  It’s also apparent that taking on such a strategy from scratch would take many years to effect.  But in terms of a fresh approach to enabling resilience and continuity planning, and bringing new tools to the continuity planners arsenal, it’s a gem.  And for those business continuity planners already working in the strategic realm, or who want to do so, it’s an absolute must.

Other short Reviews for this book:

“Resilience promises to be the distinguishing characteristic of companies that will prosper from the current economic crisis. Mike Beer’s new book is a compelling manual for success in this new economy.”
—Ravi Venkatesan, chairman, Microsoft India

“With decades of teaching and research and close engagement with companies, Michael Beer has written a book that not only makes the case for building a high commitment organization, but also provides practical advice for doing it.”
—Jeffrey Pfeffer, professor, Stanford Business School and author, The Human Equation: Building Profits by Putting People First







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