BCM Survey Headlines (2012)

81% of managers working in organisations that activated their plans last year claim they reduced disruption…  61% of organisations have BCM in place (compared with 58% in 2010 and 49% in 2009)…  42% of managers say corporate governance is the catalyst for BCM, which 37% say the biggest driver is demand from customers or potential customers…  37% say that regulation or legislation is their driver for business continuity.

In March 2012, the Chartered Management Institute issued it’s annual business continuity management survey.  It’s supported by the UK Cabinet Office, the BCI, the BSI and Aon.  (Aon is an insurance company: insurance companies like business continuity programmes since they mitigate risk, and often reduce premium costs accordingly.)

Other headline statistics from the report include:

  • 54% say their organisations rarely suffer disruptive events
  • 20% say their organisation expect business critical suppliers to have BCM; 25% say they don’t
  • 55% of organisations suffered as a result of public service strikes
  • 49% say that severe weather caused the most disruption last year (for the third year in a row)
  • 37% have formalised a specific plan for severe weather, while 10% say they’re still not well prepared for it
  • 25% of managers will allow staff to work flexible hours over the Olympic Games
  • 81% of managers are ‘fairly’ or ‘very’ familiar with their organisation’s business continuity plans
  • 39% of managers would need to look up their role and responsibilities in the event of a disruption
  • 47% of managers have exercised their business continuity plans in the past year; 17% say their BCP has never been tested

If you’d like to read the whole CMI Business Continuity Report 2012, click on the link:

2012 business continuity management survey statistics results

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