AT&T Disaster Recovery Rehearsal (video)

It’s always good to know how other people do rehearsals, and even better to be able to see them.

AT&T is the biggest telecoms provider in the US  with over 100m customers.  As well as mobiles, landlines and broadband they offer subscription television services.

Presented by Ellie Roundtree, the video below is only 4 minutes long but shadows an AT&T technical disaster recovery drill. Their Information Officer, Incident Commander, Data Technology Planner and the Hazmat Disaster Recovery Team all offer a brief insight into some of the things that happen during AT&T technical rehearsals.

Of course, being the 14th largest organisation in the world, perhaps they are more likely to have the budget to do this type of full-scale event relatively often.  But for the rest of us, there is learning to be had from what they do and how they do it.

AT&T – like most of us – have learned the hard way, of course.  For example, in 1990 AT&T suffered a catastrophic network failure (you can read more about that on our AT&T Network Collapse (1990) post).


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