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“Are You Ready?” A Quick Test!

Does your company think it’s ready?  Here’s a quick list of questions that can help you – or people you’re working with – to decide if they need to do some more work?

We all know the people in our organisations who think that they’re ready.  Some of them probably are.  Some of them definitely aren’t.  Whatever the actual status, if business continuity is our responsibility, we all need a some tricks to get people to take responsibility for their own areas.  This is one of those.

For a quick assessment of an area, to remind an area to consider their planning, or to get a neglectful area to take responsibility for their planning (in writing!), how about dropping them an email with your own versions of the following questions?

You could invite them to respond by email or meet for a coffee to talk through where they are at?

  1. Do you know which risks are likely to have the biggest impact on your output?
  2. Do you know which of your tasks are critical to the overall business?
  3. Do you know how you’ll continue critical tasks if your building is unavailable, your technology is compromised, or you don’t have some of the staff you need?
  4. Do your teams know the plans?
  5. Do your suppliers know what they need to know about your plans?
  6. Can you convince your customers their business is safe with you no matter what?
  7. Have your plans been exercised within the last year?

Do feel free to send us your own lists, or to share any other tips and tricks you have for engaging your colleagues in planning activities.

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