A Christmas disaster scenario… that rhymes!

If you happened to ask Santa for a  very silly, rhyming, Christmas-themed disaster/business continuity scenario, you’re in luck.  Seriously.  Or very not so seriously…!

The following “poem” was created by one of our number for a divisional Christmas event at a large organisation.  It’s been amended, depersonalised and anonymised so anyone can use it.

So here, with our best Christmas wishes, is a very silly continuity sceanrio for your amusement.  And, if you wish, use.

Merry Christmas!

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,

 not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

But ov’r in your building twas a whole different story,

of a disgruntled elf who wanted some glory. 

For Santa had sacked him for stealing mince pies,

and so the elf set about Santa’s demise.

He followed our Santa with his own sack of terror,

 and that’s when dear Santa made a bit of an error.

Your company buildings looked so bright and pretty,

that Santa set down on one, oh what a pity….

Thinking Santa would visit all the buildings below,

the elf filled the air con with what looked like snow.

When Santa was rested he duly took flight,

       leaving your building contaminated with powder white.


(That’s enough bad poetry, Ed.)


So, anyway, here’s where that leaves us:

The few people working on Christmas Eve were brought out safely.

However, the building interiors in your building are contaminated with a deadly white powder.

The area will be a crime scene and closed for two weeks.

The clean up will then take two more weeks to do properly.

You can’t get back into your building until 23 January!


Merry Christmas! 

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