2012 Olympic Games – Detailed London Transport Plans

Many UK businesses have been asking for more details about the transport arrangements during the London 2012 Olympic Games.  Peter Hendy, London’s Transport Commissioner, has answered these requests with a detailed presentation.

Acknowledging that the games are “Britain’s largest peacetime logistical exercise,” Hendy lays out information in a format you may find useful.  Maps, diagrams and visuals of most arrangements are included in this powerpoint slide pack.

Hendy believes that 70% of road traffic and 65% of tube stations will be unaffected by the Games, leaving 30% of roads and 35% of tube stations dealing with impacts.   He outlines improvements made to the infrastructure (which come as no surprise to Londoner’s who dealt with many weekend closures ‘due to engineering works’ over the past few years).  He also reminds us that traffic will be eased by the school holidays.

We, however, found the following information most useful:

  • Tube, DLR and overground services will run one hour later than usual
  • Extra train services will run in the evening to help empty venues
  • 200 extra buses will run in London
  • Additional rail services will be laid on across the UK
  • Extra river services will be put in place at appropriate times

Hendy also attempts to combat some “Olympic Route Network (ORN)” myths.  “Myths” include the notion that many roads will include a traffic lane that only Olympic vehicles may use – this is known as the ORN.

Hendy says, “Any vehicle can use the majority of the ORNit covers just 1% of the road network” and “only one third of that is ‘Games Lanes’ for Games traffic only”.  The ORN comes into force “just a couple of days before the games.

Of course the advice remains unsurprising:

  • Don’t drive through hotspot areas during Games time
  • Allow more time for your journey
  • Drive outside morning and peak hours
  • Use information and travel advice at www.London2012.com/AccessandParking

Maps showing hotspots for each day are included in Hendy’s Slide Pack

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