What’s BS25999?

BS25999 is the British Standard for Business Continuity Management.  It’s the basis for the forthcoming international standard ISO22301, which is currently in draft.  It also happens to be the fastest-selling British Standard of all time.

The good thing about BS25999 it’s a straight-forward document that’s easy to follow.  The bad thing is that it comes in two parts.  We wish they’d put the whole thing into one document.  This may be solved when ISO22301 is published: we’re hoping the whole thing is contained within one document, making it not only a more comprehensive, but also a cheaper purchase!

So what’s in each part?

  • Part 1 is the Code of Practice.  Published in 2006, it lays out the common approach to business continuity management.  This is the document that includes and explains the Business Continuity Lifecyle, the basis of all things continuity (see below).
  • Part 2 is the Specification.  This part provides detail on how to meet the code of practice.
Contents of Part 1 include BCM policy, understanding the organisation ; determining BCM strategy; developing and implementing a response, exercising and maintaining arrangements, and embedding BCM in the organisation’s culture.
Contents of Part 2 include specifications for the above, plus monitoring and reviewing the BCM programme, auditing, preventative and corrective actions and continual improvement.

To download BS25999 you can choose from the standard version:

 Or, if you prefer a laminated booklet:



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