How to be Great at BCM

What makes a business continuity manager good, or even great?

Jim Moffat presented the findings of a survey that asked exactly that to the largest Business Continuity Institute forum in the world.

While we might suggest it may have been helpful to include views from those who manage business continuity managers rather than the managers themselves, the results appear sensible and useful.

Of utmost importance, the survey respondents agreed, was the ability to communicate at all levels.
This was followed (in order) by the ability to keep calm in a crisis, being able to extract precise information speedily, having a great personal work relationship with risk, facilities, IT and business continuity departments and initiating regular awareness campaigns.

One of the more interesting results was the one that suggested that the ideal period of BCM experience for a great continuity manager was more than 3 years but less than 14 years!

Opinions were, perhaps unsurprisingly, divided between whether it helped for BCM managers to be on the board, have responsibility for auditing BCM plans and being responsible for risk management.

[Statistics can be viewed in the original presentation.]

This offers a good insight to anyone wondering if there’s anything you can perform even better as a BCM manager.  We suggest the tips that could be gleaned from this survey and presentation might be:

  • Communicate with all levels of the organisation regularly to understand how to best communicate with everyone
  • Use rehearsals and training to help you continue to keep calm in a crisis (if it’s not your natural state)
  • Practice extracting precise, concise facts from busy people and/or reams of information
  • Invest in your personal working relationships with key risk, facilities and IT leaders
Do you have any top tips or experiences to share on improving general performance capabilities?  Join the discussion by sharing them below.
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