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Welcome to Continuity In Business.

Have you been asked to take care of Business Continuity Management in your organisation?  Is it something you don’t really have time to do, or something you know little about?  Are you looking for an efficient way to get the job done well with the minimum of hassle?  Excellent: you’ve come to the right place!

The aim of Continuity in Business is simple.  We provide you with all the business continuity tools you need to conceive, establish and maintain a Business Continuity Management (BCM) programme.  There are loads of benefits to having good BCM.  As well as giving your organisation a blueprint for survival if business-as-normal is disrupted, it may well lower your insurance premiums, give your organisation competitive advantage if you’re bidding for work or contracts and provide proof of the measures your organisation has taken to ensure its robustness.  And for you personally, it’s going to be another great string for your bow: it’s a useful skill for the CV.

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After that, you might like to have a look at some of our paid for resources (coming soon).  We’ve little kits of added extras that might make your life easier on an ongoing basis.  The resources come ready to use with clear instructions for your as a facilitator.  So you can literally read the instructions as you go along!

These are the resources we wish we’d had available when we started doing Business Continuity a decade ago.   The essentials are free and any bolt-ons you might find useful are inexpensive.

However, we’re going to be upfront with our price warning.  The essentials will always be free, but the bolt-ons are likely to go up in price as we develop more packages and grow our business, so get in there as an early adopter and make sure you get the most inexpensive deal we can offer.

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