American National Standard for Continuity

If you’re questioning whether it’s worth buying the American National Standard for Business Continuity, our opinion is “probably not”. Why?

Before the American National Standard was developed by ASIS, objections were lodged. The argument went, said the DRII, that there was no need for another business continuity standard.

BS25999 (the British Standard for Business Continuity) was the fastest-selling standard of all time, was already being used globally. It was already the basis for many other standards. It was – and still is – being turned into the International Standard ISO22301. Another standard, the objectors said, would simply confuse matters.

The two standards, as it turns out, are rather similar. That’s not a surprise really.  It’s a joint effort between the BSI – who produced BS25999 – and ASIS, the American equivalent.  Lest we forget, BS25999 is sold for a not-insignificant sum and it provided unprecedented sales figures for the British Standards Institute.

But BS25999 really is the industry standard, and anecdotally we know from you that international companies tend to adopt it.  The only advantage is that there is only one part – so it would be cheaper that buying Parts 1 and 2 of BS25999.

But, given ISO22301 is going to, in effect, replace BS25999, we think you’re probably best served by using those standards instead.


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