5 New Year Resolutions for Business Continuity

Resolutions are like Marmite, you either love them or hate them!

Either way, it’s often useful to use the excuse of the new year to make or refresh your approach and the way forward for your business continuity management over the twelve coming months.

Here’s five resolution ideas from the Continuity In Business team:

  1. Map out business continuity activity for the next year.  If you don’t have a plan for the next 12 months, now is the time to create it.  If you’re aiming for at least once around the lifecycle, which has four key steps, then you might like to allocate three months to each stage.  If you have a significant number of plans, consider starting each division during a different month so you can stagger your workload on each area and ensure your own workload has a little more day-to-day variety.
  2. Make this the year that every plan has a robust BIA.  If you have plans without BIAs (cough, we all do, don’t we?!) then take a little time to plan how you’ll persuade the relevant people that undertaking this work will streamline their efforts and save them lots of time in future.  (You could adapt some of the material in our free course for that purpose if you like.)
  3. Rehearse the board.  If you routinely do this already you’re at an advantage, as many find it difficult to get their most senior teams to rehearse plans.  You have 12 whole months so plan it now.  How will you get it in the appropriate diaries?  Do you need help to create and manage a business continuity exercise so that you’re asked to do another one in a year or less?  Make that plan this month!
  4. Plan an awareness campaign.  You might decide to launch it during Business Continuity Awareness Week to take advantage of free promotional materials and other goings on, but bear in mind that “awareness” needs ongoing effort, so make a 12 month plan that’s relatively easy to deploy.
  5. Get more people involved in Business Continuity over the next 12 months.  Consider useful targets to help with planning, awareness and exercises.  Most of your useful help will be in side the organisation, but local authorities, emergency services, industry colleagues and even competitors can be useful allies in your efforts: invite them along to participate in (or observe) a meeting or an appropriate business continuity exercise.

Well, that’s five useful resolutions: do you have any more ideas to add to the list? Do share them in the comments area below.

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