15 Two Sentence Exercises

Shhh… we need to let you into a secret!


We aren’t really selling the 15 Two Sentence Exercises at the moment.

We’re giving them to you for FREE.  

They’re to thank you for helping us with an experiment.  We’re working out the best ways to make this site earn it’s keep and, in addition to the longer business continuity exercises, we just wanted to know if this would be a useful, good-value product to add. Your click to this page helps us evaluate that idea.

So you can have the 15 two-sentence exercises for free, but we’d be very grateful if you’d do one thing for us in exchange:

As soon as you download the 2 page document, please could you email us and let us know:

  1. what you like about them,
  2. how you’ll use them,
  3. how much you’d have been prepared to pay for this resource
  4. the country in which you live

Yes, that’s all we want for this really useful resource – your honest feedback!



We’re counting on your honest feedback by email - just brief answers to the above questions.

Thank you for your help!


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